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Business Matters – URGED is Here to Meet Your Needs

There is plenty of opportunity for success in Rio Grande County.  URGED is here to help you start a business, relocate your business, or expand your business.   Entrepreneurs can prosper by taking advantage of our office’s team effort and collaboration with the local and state network of industries, services and resources. 

Industries Welcome

We are working diligently to build and attract business, remote workers and industry. 

Recreation, Adventure,
& Outdoor Sports

Because we understand outdoor recreation opportunities are a “must have” for our quality of life, we actively assist in purpose-built trail projects and water-based recreation….

Our four-season outdoor sports climate with out-your-back-door access to trails, rivers, lakes, skiing, golf, fishing and whitewater rafting make it ideal for testing, designing and developing sports products.

Healthcare & Wellness

URGED served on the building committee during Rio Grande Hospital’s recent $12 million expansion and remodel project, and we have participated in the initial planning of Rio Grande Hospital’s Wellness Village. We’re on the cusp, and opportunity abounds for the wellness industry. 

Value-added Agricultural Products

We assisted with the planning and zoning of new industries that repurposed buildings and started up in past few years, including Proximity Malt, Formation Ag, and SLV Hemp.  With a strong agriculture heritage, we understand the possibilities and importance of ancillary value-added ag business.

Small Business Assistance

Resources available to support entrepreneurs to start-up, grow, and relocate their small business

Starting a Business

There is plenty of opportunity for success in the Upper Rio Grande with professional regional resources needed for starting a business.  More Here

Grow Your Business

Take your business to the next level through free consultation to manage and expand your business, helping it to grow and prosper San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center

Entrepreneur Training Programs & Videos

  • The Leading Edge; learn more here.
  • Workshops; learn more here.
  • Free Learning Video here.
  • The Veteran Entrepreneur; learn more here.

Relocating a business

by using this Real Estate IDX search tool to help you browse and find properties for Sale or Lease in Rio Grande County. For further information on any of the properties, you can click the ‘Contact’ button and send a message directly to the listing agent for that property or contact us

Financial Assistance & Incentives

Take advantage of financing and incentives to build your business.


With a The Colorado Enterprise Zone (EZ) designation, you can receive…

The Colorado Enterprise Zone (EZ) and Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zone (EREZ) provides eleven  financial incentives and programs to encourage new job creation.

These programs incentivize businesses to locate and grow in Rio Grande County. Through the Enterprise Zone your business….

  • Can receive a 3% Investment Tax credit on equipment purchases.
  • Can get job training tax credits of 10% on qualified training expenses.
  • May be eligible for Research & Development Increase Tax Credits of 3% on expenditures.
  • With a New Business facility (NBF) designation, you can receive…
    • Jobs credits – $500 per new job
    • Ag Processing Jobs Credits – another $500 per new job
    • Health Insurance Credits – $200 x 2 years ($400) per new job
  • Could see 25% of rehab expenditures (hard costs) credited under the Vacant Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit.
  • As a manufacturing or mining business, the Manufacturing and Mining Sales and Use Tax form can exempt you from sales tax, if filled out prior to purchase and given


The edge you need to remain competitive in the Upper Rio Grande

Find funding, tax incentives, and job training programs for businesses in rural communities offered by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)  – including grants, loans, Enterprise Zone, Investment tax credits, tech assistance, and trade & global consultant networks

Another cash and tax incentive that opens doors for individuals and businesses to receive state funding when they employ remote workers in rural Colorado is the Location Neutral Employee (LONE) Incentive Upper Rio Grande’s information sheet here.

Workforce Development

Our regional junior college and university create employees with skill sets you need.

Services to Business

URGED partners with our local and regional Workforce Centers in Monte Vista and Alamosa to provide employers with personalized recruiting, hiring and customized training programs for their employees – a win-win for all.

Colorado’s Workforce Development Office offers a free service for employers, connecting talent with opportunity.

Location Neutral Workers

College Training

15 minutes to the east are our regional colleges, Trinidad State College  and Adams State University .  Both help workers and employers through:

  1. career-connected education – concurrent enrollment and
  2. non-degree credentialing.

ready to make the move?