Supporting Business Growth & Community Development


Upper Rio Grande Economic Development’s mission is to serve as a communication hub, increase job opportunities, the population and tax base, and help Rio Grande County businesses.


Our vision is to make Rio Grande County and the western side of the San Luis Valley the most attractive Rocky Mountain destination with a vibrant rural economy. 

Our Team & Partners

The sum is greater than the parts.  Our collaborative spirit sets us apart.  We develop solutions through aligned efforts and regional partnerships.  In the San Luis Valley, you will find a group of professionals and economic development practitioners who intentionally collaborate.

Marty Asplin

Marty Asplin

URGED Economic Development Co-Director

560 Columbia Avenue
Del Norte, CO 81132

Bonnie Asplin

Bonnie Asplin

URGED Economic Development Co-Director

560 Columbia Avenue
Del Norte, CO 81132
(719) 850-0370 – Cell
(719) 657-2827 – Office

Jason C. Medina

Jason C. Medina

Director San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center

610 State Ave., Suite 120
The Depot
Alamosa, CO 81101
Office: (719) 589 – 3682
Cell: (719) 480 – 5392


Left to right:
SLV Great Outdoors: Mick Daniel, Director
SLV Community Action Agency: Tonya Owsley, Director
San Luis Valley Development Resources Group: Kevin Wilkins, Executive Director; Anne Jones, Chief Financial Officer; Hew Hallock, Director of Research; Sarah Stoeber, Director of Business Development
610 State Street, Suite 200
Alamosa, CO 81101
(719) 589-6099
Tom Monaco

Tom Monaco

Rural Opportunity Representative

Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)
610 State Avenue
Alamosa, CO 81101
Office: (720) 402-6474

Other team members

Forrest Neuerburg, Monte Vista City Manager
Bernadette Martinez, Del Norte Town Administrator
Dan Hicks, South Fork Town Administrator

Our Services

As a 501(c)6 non-profit, we provide free business services and operate with the support of investor members and our communities. 


Through all media, we promote our region to attract businesses and grow the tourism industry

Business Assist

URGED helps with site selection and coordinates with local and county zoning and planning departments. We provide sources for engineering, contractor services, utilities, transportation, financial assistance, and strategic partners.

Compile Data

URGED provides custom data and demographics reports to businesses, realtors, and our municipal governments

Business Support

We help businesses relocate, start and expand – identify financial incentives, grants, and workforce development and training programs in the creation of new jobs.

Community Development

To encourage place making we assist with infrastructure improvements and recreation ventures.

Our Board of Directors

Each member of the Board is a community leader, representing both the private and public sector. They oversee the URGED co-director consultants and hold a monthly meeting one week prior to the regular monthly membership breakfast meeting.

Meet the Board

  • Forrest NeuerburgPresidentCity Manager, City of Monte Vista
  • Kathy Woods, Vice President; Director of Economic Development, City of Alamosa
  • Traci HolmesSecretary/Treasurer; Senior Vice President, Del Norte Bank
  • Shon Davis, Director; President & CEO, RG Bank
  • Bernadette Martinez, Director; Town Administrator/Clerk, Town of Del Norte
  • Tom SladeDirector; Manager, Rio Grande Water Company
  • Jennifer AlonzoDirector; Marketing/Sales Coordinator, San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative

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