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Start Up Your Business

URGED located property for us, walked us through the county requirements and helped with paperwork. I do not believe this facility would be standing today at this date if it had not been for the great work they did.

Planning to start your own business here in Colorado?
The Upper Rio Grande Economic Development team is here to help!
Let us be your resource to simplify the process……..

There is plenty of opportunity for success in Rio Grande County.  We have all the regional resources you need for starting a business.  Entrepreneurs can prosper by taking advantage of Upper Rio Grande Economic Development offices team effort, a collective effort to support you in the creation of your new ventures.

We are currently looking to attract these industries

Freelance Businesses

Freelance Businesses

Remote/Virtual Entrepreneurs and Companies
Recreation, Adventure, and Outdoor Sports

Recreation, Adventure, and Outdoor Sports

Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare and Wellness

Value-added Agricultural Products

Value-added Agricultural Products

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Biomass and Solar Related Business


Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism



Construction, Home Improvement, and Renovation

Construction, Home Improvement, and Renovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about where to start when starting your business?  Here is concise information from the San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center on who to consult with, what agencies to contact, what forms to fill out for licensing, registration and sales tax, where to obtain worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance, etc. 
Are you looking for municipal assistance for your business start-up?

The City of Monte Vista has an Economic Development Assistance Policy to provide incentives for the establishment of new targeted businesses within the city.  Your business is eligible if it is a “Priority Business” and falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • Provides primary employment opportunities that contribute to the daytime economy of the City – including manufacturing and light industry
  • Is a retail establishment
  • Is a cultural or social facility that houses and promotes the arts, sciences, history, and provides positive social setting for families

For more information learn more here.


Want to learn about the process of starting a business?

Here is a guide, How to Start Up a Business by Xero, and the best place to start; from your idea, to the plan, to finance and set up, to marketing and more…..

Sites & Building Inventory

Search available Commercial sites and buildings by using this Real Estate IDX search tool to help you browse and find properties for Sale or Lease in Rio Grande County. For further information on any of the properties, you can click the ‘Contact’ button and send a message directly to the listing agent for that property. Or for more personalized assistance contact us.

Enterprise Zones

The Colorado Enterprise Zone Program

You could be missing out on Colorado income tax credits for your business.  The Enterprise Zone Program  encourages job creation and capital investment in economically depressed areas by providing tax credits to businesses and projects to promote and encourage economic development activities.

Through the Enterprise Zone your business …

  • Can receive a 3% Investment Tax credit on equipment purchases.
  • Can get job training tax credits of 10% on qualified training expenses.
  • May be eligible for Research & Development Increase Tax Credits of 3% on expenditures.
  • With a New Business facility (NBF) designation, you can receive…
    • Jobs credits - $500 per new job
    • Ag Processing Jobs Credits – another $500 per new job
    • Health Insurance Credits - $200 x 2 years ($400) per new job
  • Could see 25% of rehab expenditures (hard costs) credited under the Vacant Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit.
  • As a manufacturing or mining business, the Manufacturing and Mining Sales and Use Tax form can exempt you from sales tax, if filled out prior to purchase and given to your vendor.  

Small Business Development Center – San Luis Valley

Serving Rio Grande County the SBDC provides many helpful programs, including:

  • Colorado Leading Edge Entrepreneur and Start Up Business Training Program; learn more here.
  • The Leading Edge; learn more here.  
  • Workshops; learn more here.
  • Free Learning Video here.
  • The Veteran Entrepreneur; learn more here.

Technology and Support Services


University of Colorado Business Advancement Center

The University of Colorado Business Advancement Center provides resources for:

  • R & D Funding
  • Advanced Technology Programs
  • Small Business Innovation
  • Energy Technologies

More information can be found here.

Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute

The Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute is an organization providing learning, lending, and coaching to grow community entrepreneurs. They give business support services and flexible microloans to turn good ideas into an income generating business. More information can be found here.

Adams State University Resources

ASU has partnered with the Colorado Municipal League in the production of an invaluable resource guide for municipal and other local government leaders.  ASU is working together with the communities they serve in the San Luis Valley to leverage limited resources to help the communities and their businesses grow and prosper. The guide lists approximately 40 various programs the University offers and the resources they have.  Several, of specific interest to business and industry, include:  

  • Agricultural Business                               
  • Artists Assistance
  • Biological Consulting
  • Business Plans
  • Internships
  • Marketing and Marketing Research
  • Supervisor Training
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Board Development/Consultant
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Dropout Prevention
  • Economic Development
  • Banking Advisory Services
  • Corporate Investment Consultancy
  • Gender/Equity Consultation
  • Information Technology and Computing
  • Software Development and Computing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workforce Development

Colorado Small Business Technology Cooperative

Working in partnership with the Colorado Small business Development Center network in Colorado is the Colorado Small Business Technology Cooperative. It is a not for profit technology cooperative dedicated to deal with all the headaches so you can focus on starting and growing your business via:
  • Implementation of powerful cloud based technology solutions to reduce operating costs and improve client support
  • Providing vetted, reliable vendors for PC/Network tech support, graphic arts, marketing materials, bookkeeping, and more.
More information can be found here.

Other Resources and Guides

  • Here is the Colorado Business Resource Guide’s comprehensive overview list of starting a business. Get a BUSINESS START UP LIST (PDF).
  • Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade offers a number of business guides through Advance Colorado here.
  • Download the entire Colorado Business Resource Guide on business start up here.
  • Learn how to assess your business idea, prepare a written business plan, and develop a structure for your business. The Colorado Custom Resource Guide also includes information on government business requirements, counseling, training, and other entrepreneurial resources. Learn more here.
  • See the service locator from the Small Business Administration the aspects of starting a business and finding information you need to succeed here.
  • Learn about what it takes to start a business and manage a business, how to get loans and grants, and more here